S.No Item To discuss Details
1 Project Name Maruthi Green Fields
2 Promoter of the Project Maruthi Corporation Limited     (EST.1994)
3 Managing Director Dr.K Ram Reddy
4 Corporate Office Address 101, Reliance Manor, Road.No12 ,        Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034
5 Project & Office Address Maruthi Green Fields,11-85/163, Shadnagar, RR Dist., Hyderabad – 509216
6 Promoter Experience 25  Years Experience in Colonization & Town Ship Development
7 Project Features 1.Villas                          2.World Class Infrastructure              3.GFCC                                                                                                                 
8 Location Advantages 25 Min.Drive distance from Airport, 5 Min drive distance from Railway Station / Bus Depot
9 Villa & Plot Areas All Plots in MGF are 1000 Sq.Yds (9000 Sq.Fts) and villa construction areas between 1500 Sq.Ft to 8500 Sq.Ft
10 Price 1. Land Price – Rs.xxxxx per sq.yd

2. Construction Price – Rs.xxxx per sq.ft

11 Designs & Architecture 11 Geographical Architectural with 162 Unique designer Villas
12 Additional Price 1. Loaded Villa Rs.4000 per sq.ft more on regular price.

2.  Energy Independent villa additional Rs.500 per sq.ft

13 Payment Terms 1. Upfront ‘Payment in full’ availing 15% discount

2. Construction Linked Payment in 10 Installments in 18 Months

14 Discount / Special Offer 15% On Full payment within 30 Days from the First Payment
15 Construction Time Line 1. 18 Months from the date of joining for Villa

2.Entire project will be ready by October 2022

16 ROI Scope The Investment will yield once the Project completes high value tangibility with prestige address and ROI will be high



Project Appreciation

In Four Sales Stages 1.Concept stage – 40 Villas                          2.Visible Stage – 40 Villas                        3.Feel Good Stage -40 Villas                        4.Prestigious Address Stage -42 Villas
18 Home Loans Banks / Housing Finance Institutions approved the Project
19 Specifications Hi-end Luxury fittings as per Luxury standards
20 Buyer Options 1.Standard Villa    2.Loaded Villa      3.With Energy Independent Villa                                                                            
21 Documentation 1. Application for Villa      2.Construction Agreement                3.Sale Deed            4.Completion Certificate/ Position Letter
22 GFCC AMO, Club House, Sports Complex, Hotel Apartments , Mini Mart
23 Near By Developments Air Port, Railway Station, Bus Depot, Hospitals, Banks, Schools, Colleges etc.,
24 Target Buyers NRI,HNI,NR’s, MD, Corporate Sr. Staff, Pilots, Civil servants, Industrialists, Celebrities, Sports Personals, etc.,
25 Facilities PMS, Luxury Holiday Renting, Family’s & friends reunions, Destination Wedding facilities etc.,
26 Taxes & Duties Registration, Stamp Duty, GST, TDS, Municipal Approvals fee’s are extra
27 Website &   E-Mail www.maruthicorp.com/mgf  sales@kreddyking.com
28 For Booking +91 8448440809


Note: * GFCC is the Separate Entity. No Free Membership


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